Immortal kneading abdomen — self health care

Translated and edited by Dr. Hongchun Yin

This is an ancient self care massage therapy. It is mainly for chest and abdomen problems - no matter if the problem is heart or liver disease, if you consistently practice this exercise, your problem will get better or disappear.
Good luck to you. — Dr Yin
1, first step: Knead the point 1cm below the xiphoid process with the tip of the middle, index and ring fingers of both hands. Knead it clockwise and counter-clockwise 21 circles each.

2, second step: Knead and push with the three fingers (middle, index and ring) of both hands along the line from xiphoid process to pubic symphysis once.

3, Third step: Knead and push with the three fingers of both hands from pubic symphysis via both sides of the abdomen to the xiphoid process once.

4, fourth step: push straight with the three fingers of both hands along the line from xiphoid process to pubic symphysis 21 times.

5, fifth step: rub around the umbilicus with the right hand counterclockwise 21 times, and then rub the umbilicus with the left hand clockwise 21 times.

6. sixth step: slightly grasp the left hypochondrium with the left hand with the thumb in the front and the other four fingers at the back side, and then push straight downwards from the left breast to the left side of groin; then repeat with the other hand on the other side, repeat 21 times for each side.

7, seventh step: after the above 6 steps, sit down on the bed or floor with the legs crossing each other (double cross, single cross or natural position); put the left hand on the left knee and the right hand on the right knee, the thumb must be put at the cross-striation area of the metacarpophalangeal articulation of the ring finger; the other four fingers slightly grasping the knee. Then, bend forward and rotate the upper body from the left side to right 21 circles, then from right side to left side 21 circles.

    Double cross the leg         single cross the leg

      Natural position         finger position

A, don’t hold your breath.
B, don’t use too much force.
C, One repetition from steps 1 to 7 is one course. You need to practice 7 courses in the morning and 7 courses in the evening. For beginners, you can start from 1 course in the morning and 1 course in the evening, and increase by 1 course every day, and after one week, you will reach 7 courses per practice.
D, keep practicing it, and after one or two months, you will feel a change in your body. Some may feel change earlier.
E, This must be done on an empty stomach (so do it before eating or before sleeping).