Baby Tuina

baby tuinaBaby TuiNa, also as known “baby massage”, has been extensively used in China for many centuries to improve children's health and treat illnesses. A lot of children's illnesses can be treated by manipulation, I often use this manipulation to treat infantile diarrhoea, cold and flu, fever, enuresis, night crying, anorexia, malnutrition, asthma, hay fever, constipation,rectom prolapse,Bell's palsy,eczema and many others. baby tuina
Child TuiNa is operated mainly on points of the hands and is suitable for children under 12, with the effect of treatment most prominent in children under 6. Clinical experience shows that the younger the age, the more effective it will be. For older children, treatment can be done in combination with adult TuiNa which is operated mainly on the points on the body. Baby TuiNa is broadly welcomed by parents, who don't want their children to take drugs to avoid their side effects.

baby tuina Case 1: Two weeks ago a 4 year old baby because of eczema all over the body could not sleep well so came to my clinic. The baby contracted eczema soon after being born, and after using steroid creams, the symptoms sometimes got worse, sometimes better, now the skin itches over the entire body,dry flaking,with cracked bleeding,easily woken at night,only being able to re-enter sleep 2-3 hours later. Her tongue coating is thin and white, the pulse slow, constantly have runny nose. I used baby TuiNa to treat her. After three sessions (once every other day), the child sleeps well, the skin itch noticeably relieved, damaged skin got much better, no flaking, no seeping blood, no runny nose. Another six treatments will consolidate the effects。(see picture)

baby tuina Case 2: A female baby 11 months old, because she could not sleep well at night with rectum prolapse for five months, came for treatment. Baby easily woken, every night 4-5 times with crying,every week rectum prolapse appears three times. I used baby Tuina therapy to treat her, once every day, four sessions in total,the baby sleeps well,rectum prolapse has not appeared again. (see picture)